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Job Opportunities

Please thoroughly review the job description and role prerequisites. We handle only one active application at a time, with priority given to your first job choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring Process Standards

1. Screening

2. Verbal Assessment

3. Workplace Assessment

4. Personality Assessment

5. Elite VA Solutions Interview

6. Specialized Training

7. Client Interview


If you have submitted applications for three job openings, we will give priority to the first job you applied for. If you are not selected for the first application, we will then consider your applications for the remaining positions.

When screening our candidates, we adhere closely to the client’s specified requirements, ensuring that we present well-qualified candidates for the role. These requirements are outlined in the job posting.

We DO NOT provide equipment. Upon applying, applicants are expected to have their own desktop or laptop. The spec requirements will depend on the client’s need.

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